Friday, July 3, 2015

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Gualala, California


This crew came in and went out so quickly I barely had time to photograph them. Already they are planning to spend the Independence holiday with the Fed ex man. It was hard to see them go out so quickly, but at least I can look at their photos as I post them here for you.
She wanted to show off her new diaper covers.  She really believes in the latest word from Hollywood that well-developed tushes are now IN and hers leads the parade. Her hair was such a mess when  she came in, I cut most of it off and restyled these short perky curls which she loves. She wants to smile for her photo but she had so little time to get acquainted that she is not sure she wants to expose her grin.
Her brother, was also excited with his diaper cover in lilac (it goes so nicely with his skin color) that I could not keep his sleeper closed. He quickly figured out (he is very bright!) how to work the zipper so my cause (taking good photos) was lost right there. He is very close to his sister and she can do no wrong. He will take the blame for anything she gets into. If I start to correct her, he lets me know he was the one who peed in the bed. 

You have already met Blaze II, but I wanted him to be here with his younger brother and sister because all three are on their way to Chicago. He asked to have his hair restyled to get rid of the horrid pink ribbon so he looked slightly better and different this week than a month ago. He stayed in the Orphanage to campaign that we bring his brother and sister here, which was finally accomplished.  He has such sweet lips he can talk me into anything - even lots of new work!

(they get to see the fireworks here over the ocean)

Min-Yen is Ming-Yen's sister and she has just gone through the process her sis had to endure. Like her sister she is very glad to be in America and to be a blonde. I do not know who cut her bangs too short, but I did not do that. I am hoping they grow out before one of the other girls says anything to her. Her English is not yet perfect but that only makes her more eager to please. She knows we are teaching cuddling here so just getting near her is enough. She jumps into your arms, hugging and squeezing with all her tiny might, and will not let go until you take her by the shoulders to put her down.
This Blaze did not go to Chicago with her brother and sisters because I could not let her go. We shared some very sweet moments together (written up in the blog - and after that we were stuck with each other. If Holly wants a blonde blue-eyed Blaze baby I will ask BB if she is able to change her mind. In the meantime we are happy just being together. She is not only beautiful, she is a care-taker. When I hung the nest for Princess near her corner she dropped all the toys to turn her attention to the baby. She keeps asking if she can get in the nest with Princess but I am unsure it would be safe for both of them.

There you can just see Blazing Beauty's sleeper through the mesh work behind the Princess. You can see how close she stays to the baby and notices every whimper and wiggle.

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