Friday, July 3, 2015

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Gualala, California

It must be the heat; they are popping up everywhere.

Kimi is still a bit new at the Orphanage, but even in her shyness she has a strong mind and will. As soon as she saw this sleeper with the cute collar and tab-feature across the chest, she was determined to be photographed in it. It is too big for her, as she is only 19 inches and 3 pounds 3 ounces, but it was what she wanted to wear. She is a very sweet baby. She never cries, even when she is hungry. She just silently waits for someone to take care of her. She is so relaxed (look at that left hand) that her ease and gentleness flow out of her. If you look at her right hand you see she is ready to take on any job - even taking care of someone you love. She is ready for everything!
Camryn is the last of his line, but he takes it as a big joke. I am sad to think there probably will be no more like him. He is really ooak - one of a kind. That he finds funny! This little boy only wants to bring joy into the world. He finds joy where others find sadness. That is his gift and I love him for it. I cannot look at his face without smiling back at him. Sometimes the smile turns into a big laugh and that really delights him. He loves getting others to laugh with him.

Usually the Candy babies are most interested in food, and more often than not, in candy! However this candy kid just wants to be a baby and not a food-smartie. Still she has that twinkle in her eye that her sisters get when they see food. Maybe at the moment she wants baby foods instead of the sugary treats her family loves. She certainly feels like a baby in one's arms. I was amazed as I helped her into her sleeper how she, only she out of all of today's babies, leaned her head on my shoulder while I tucked her feet in her baby powder-smelling sleeper. It was as if she was saying that cuddling was more important than dressing well. With that I would agree with her. So to let her know how much I agreed with her, I sat and rocked her until the screams of another baby made me jump up to see what was going on in the nursery.
It was Samantha. She did not like the yellow sleepers I had on her. She let me know in no uncertain terms that she wanted her portrait taken in girly clothes - not in something yellow. Yellow if for babies when one is not sure if they are boy or girl and she knows she is female. She is a very determined little girl, but her cheerfulness and ready smile soften any of her demands. It is actually a pleasure to give her what she wants because it makes her so much happier and her smile only gets bigger. Her eyes follow you around the room, hoping you will turn around and see her smile. That is her goal in life, to make someone with turned-down lips, turn them upside down into a smile. She knows life on this earth is far too short so she feels we should only find joy while we are still here. She wants to help someone do this. Who will it be?


We call him Kenny because he is such a honey so it comes out as Kenny-honey. Everything about this boy is bigger, look at those eyes!, his sweet lips are so well formed, as well as his head. He is also brighter and more intelligent than the average bear. Sometimes that idea makes him shy but he soon figures out a way to get into your lap for a snuggle. He looks so real and so eager to be the little boy you want and need. I do not know yet if I can give him up. Just looking into those big eyes makes me feel all is right in the world and I need a close reminder of that! You see he has a puppy dog on his sleeper and a puppy toy, too, but there is nothing like a puppy about this boy. He is a little adult wearing size NB sleepers.

From the way she holds her fists you know Juliet has not had an easy life. Being the only girl in the family of males (not all of them nice), she learned at a young age to defend herself and to fight for her way. She is extremely courageous as few females are. If I were someone facing difficulty and hard-to-accept situations I would want Juliet on my side and in my lap. Do you know someone who needs her kind of energy?

Even before I got out the sleepers PP knew which pair  he wanted to wear. He so identifies with Eeyore from the Winnie-the-Pooh stories that I think he would have worn this even if it was pink. He loves Eeyore, not because he feels no one loves him, as Eeyore does, but because he feels Eeyore and many other people he has not yet met, need the love he can give. He is always smiling and sometimes laughing out loud (even though his teeth are not yet showing). When you hold PP you can feel the laughter bubbling up in him. He loves making people say "peepee" when they call him. Just hearing his name makes him laugh. He hopes you are laughing too.

Eli is our muscle boy. Look at those shoulders! He is the sportsman through and through. And yet. . . 

look at that sweet face. That tells you more about Eli than his muscles or interest in sports. You have heard of 'gentle giants'; well Eli is ours. If someone trips and falls Eli is right there helping them back on their feet, making sure nothing is bleeding, or hurt. He also emotionally wants to help right people so their worlds come back into focus. Giving of his strength and calm happiness makes Eli happier than if he hit a home-run. He loves the word 'home-run' because that is also something he wants very much. He wants to run to your home. He wants a home. The Orphanage has rescued him but he wants a real home with someone who will play catch with him, teach him to ride a pony (on your shoe) and show him that it is not unmanly to give someone a kiss.


Email Jane. at AHApoetry dot com, if you are interested in giving a home to any of these babies. 

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