Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NEWEST Reborn Therapy Dolls here at the

Gualala, California


Kimi is still feeling a bit strange here at the orphanage because, as she is showing you, she has rooted mohair hair and everyone else is bald. Holly Schmidt, who is helping me get the babies to the people who need them, does not like the bald babies. She likes babies with hair. We have debated the issue about what is right for Alzheimer patients and cannot agree. But as a way of showing Holly I want to please her, too, Kimi came to us this week. She is only 18 inches and weighs 2 pounds so she is perfect for someone who finds the regular babies too big or too heavy. She snuggles into the curve of your arm as if she has been there forever. Somewhere in the world is a mother struggling with dementia whose daughter runs a beauty shop. Kimi would be perfect for them as they could bond over the creation of new hair styles for Kimi. She really wishes someone would adopt her to do as no matter how hard I try I cannot make her hair as beautiful as she is.
Kameko is Japanese but she is fitting in very well with others at the orphanage. Yet I am amazed how different she is. Even though her body is just like the others, she manages it differently. Her natural shyness and excellent taste in how a girl should look and act is always there. Here I plopped her down into the photo shoot set-up and yet see how she holds herself. She is such a little lady!
She was the first baby to demand lace at the neckline of her body suit and I am so glad I gave it to her. She made it look right from the beginning. Her tiny body also fits so easily in your arms. If you have connections to Japan I think she would be the perfect therapy reborn for you. You will delight in getting acquainted with Kameko.



The expression on Candy's face is exactly how I want a baby to react to me. Her surprise and delight makes everyone feel as if they are just the person she wants to meet and to be with. You can almost hear her saying, "Oh look who is here!" as she extends her hand to greet, to pull the new friend closer into her arms. She picked this sleeper because it has fruits on it. She said there is sweetness in them, too. It does not always have to be lollipops! This happy little girl, who is a medium sized therapy reborn, brings joy and delight wherever she is. Just holding her one can almost hear her contented little giggle as she snuggles against your shoulder.

Even though she tells me this is how to spell her name it looks as if one should say 'rainy' but she pronounces it 'ren-nay' so it sounds French. She must have some French in her heritage as she is such a proper little girl. She is eager for love but holds herself in check until she finds the right person. I found her warm and friendly and very willing to do whatever needed doing. She is very helpful. Not only that, she seems to a sense of when someone needs comfort, and instantly offers all the love her little body can hold. She holds her mouth slightly open in anticipation of learning to speak your name.

Carmen is the challenger. When I heard his name I said, "You know that is usually a girl's name and you are. . ." "I'm a boy" he interrupted me, "but to have those two words in my name car - men is very boy, and means I am a very bright boy." Carmen is certainly that. He has learned how to be a therapy reborn faster than any one else. He likes looking at situations in new ways. See he wanted his own new way to be posed for his portrait. He was not happy with me until I moved things around so we could do the shoot this way. While I was clicking away he would keep telling me 'higher' or 'lower' as if I did not know what I was doing. He claims his open mouth needs special care before a camera - like opera singers who avoid having their tonsils in the photo. Carmen is not a love-kitty. This little boy is a love-puppy. Loyal, loving, always eager to see you - that is Carmen. And I think he would like to go for a ride in your car.

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